Friday, 19 May 2017

Animal Adaptation Design Challenge

This week we learned a bit about animal adaptations and then we were asked to create some kind of adaptation to make an animal's life a little easier.  We came up with many ideas including making a diaper for a rabbit, and a fan for a polar bear lost in India.  As we worked through this challenges we also focussed our attention on the BC Core Competencies.  It was important that we worked well with the person we had chosen to work with and that we used both our critical and creative thinking.  Here are some photos our planning and prototyping.

Learning About Rodin

This week we learned about Rodin.  Here we are sculpting with clay.

Monday, 15 May 2017

The Day of Design

We took part in the day of design.  We started our morning like we usually do on Tuesday with Maker Morning.  Some of us made bread for the class while many of us created better systems to help us keep our supply bins organized.  Here are a few of the designs we created.

In the afternoon we were challenged to design the longest paper chain that we could. It could only be made with two pieces of paper and 30 cms of tape.  At first, we planned on our own, then we met our random groups and had to share our ideas with one another.  After we were given 30 minutes to create our paper chains. We had to work in groups and remember to use our critical and creative thinking skills as well as our communication skills and social skills.   Here are some photos of this activity. 

Learning About Artists

Each week for the past few weeks our classmates have been teaching us about various famous artists. While everyone hasn't yet had a chance to share their artist soon we will all be teachers of art.  Here are a few photos of us working on different types of art. Can you recognize any of the artists we are being inspired by?