Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A Field Trip to the Apple Store

This morning some of our parents brought us to the  Apple Store for a field trip.  We felt pretty special because at first, we had the store to ourselves.  The great people at the store showed us how to use iMovie trailers.  Ms. Lirenman was hoping we would create kindness trailers, but we had more fun making our own movies and getting to know how to use iMovie trailers.  Here are some photos of our adventure.  Have you ever had a field trip to the Apple Store?  What did you learn?

A huge thank you to the people at Apple and our families that came with us. Without either of these groups of people,  we wouldn't have been able to have this fun adventure.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

We're blogging!

Today some of us were able to get onto our blogs and give blogging a try. Do to our limited devices right now we weren't all on yet... Plus today is only the beginning of our wonderful journey of student blogging. Be sure to check out our blogs at .  We think you'll be pretty surprised to see what we share this year.

Experimenting with Ozobots

Today we experimented with Ozbots for our first time.  We were challenged to see if we could make them go faster, change colours, and turn. Many of discovered many of the Ozobot's secrets but we still have so much more to learn. Have you used Ozobots before?

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Is Gas Strong Enough to Pick Up a Raisin?

As we explore states of matter we decided to ask, "Is gas strong enough to pick up a raisin"? Ms. L. explained that we were going to put raisins in soda water to see if gas was strong enough to pick up a raisin.  We made and documented our predictions.  Then we put raisins in a bowl and we added soda water and waited.

Pretty quickly gas bubbles started to form around the raisins, and then suddenly the raisin was up at the top of the water.  The gas DID pick up the raisin.

But then, we were surprised because all of a sudden the raisin dropped back to the bottom of the bowl. Why? We wondered. But we have been experimenting with matter and so we remembered that gas likes to take up as much space as there is. We realized that once the gas bubbles got up to the top of the liquid, they escaped into the air, and dropped the raisin back down.

This simple experiment also had us talking about how matter takes up space, and that there can't be a gas, or a solid or a liquid in the exact same spot as each other.

We ended our activity by reflecting on what we discovered.  This is just one of many wonders we will have this year.

The Trouble Maker by Lauren Castillo

This week we read The Trouble Maker by Lauren Castillo as part of the Global Read Aloud. Children from around the world read the same book as us.

After we read the book Ms. Lirenman gave us a challenge inspired by The Trouble Maker. We were encouraged to create an item that would keep Ms. Lirenman's jewelry safe from any other trouble maker who may come into our class. She also introduced us to the supplies we have in our class maker space.  We could work on our own or in groups but our goal was to create something that would keep Ms. Lirenman's jewelry safe.

Working together to create the ideal hiding spot.
These ladies created a special die that had a place to hide jewlery.

At first we talked in our groups and made a plan on paper.  Some of us are still learning to listen to one another and to share our ideas respectfully.  This was tough for many of us but most of us were able to come up with a plan.

Working together to create something to protect Ms. L's jewelry.

Then we got to work.

Our final creations.
Ask your child to show you and explain theirs to you.

Once our creations were made Ms. Lirenman set up a video conference call with Mrs. DeGroot's class in Iowa. They did a similar activity and so we shared our ideas with them.

While this was only our second video conference of the year so far, it certain is a way that we will continue to learn.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Adopting a Tree

This past Wednesday we spent time in our  school forest adopting trees. Each of us selected our own tree to adopt and name. We then spent some time looking closely at our tree paying close attention to the details the tree has to offer.  Here are some photos of us looking at and sketching our trees.

At first many of just drew the simple structure of our trees but as we spent more time looking we noticed more details.  Ms. Lirenman is excited to see what we learn from our trees.

In future weeks we will take notice of how our tree is changing. We will try to learn the story of our tree (or perhaps make one up for our tree). We will share our trees with each other. We have a lot to learn from our trees.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Co Creating Classroom Criteria Charts

This week we spent some time creating criteria charts for different activities we do in our classroom.  Ms. Lirenman knows we are pretty intelligent so she let us come up with what should be on the charts. Here's what we came up with...


Now we can help support each other during these activities.  Do you make charts that help your classmates do their best too?