Friday, 24 February 2017

A Salmon Update

Our salmon have changed so much since they arrived at our school in early January.  They are just about fry and soon we will be in charge of feeding them. Take a look at them now.


Canadian Explorer, Jill Heinreth. Underwater Cave Diver

This week we were super lucky to be invited to Green Timber's Elementary School to meet Canadian Explorer, Jill Heinreth.

Jill shared many stories with us of the places she has been to and some of the cool technology she has used to capture images.  Here are some images of our adventure.

Walking to Green Timbers

Learning about virtual reality tools she can uses. 

She answered many questions.

You can more about Jill here.

Daffodil Update

In the fall we took some time to plant some daffodil bulbs.  Look what we saw the other day.

Our daffodils are coming!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Snow Clothing Challenge 2017

A few weeks ago, when our snow was all gone, Mrs. Cassidy's class in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan invited classes around the world to take part in their snow clothing challenge.  The challenge is to see how quickly your class can put on their winter clothing.  When the challenge came out we had green grass everywhere so it wasn't something we could take part in.  However, as you know we now have more snow than ever!  So today, before lunch we took the challenge.

If you are curious to see how Mrs. Cassidy's class did check out their blog post by clicking here.

Here's our attempt at the challenge. While we did take a little longer than they did, we put our shoes  and boots on too. We are proud of our efforts!

Thanks for the challenge Mrs. Cassidy's class!

Friday, 3 February 2017

Winter Forest Lab Field Trip, Surrey Nature Centre

On Wednesday we were fortunate to have a wonderful field trip at the Surrey Nature Centre.  While there we played a game that showed the different between animals that hibernate, migrate, and just keep moving during winter.  We then spent some time collecting specimens in the forest which we later look at under a microscope.  While in the lab, complete with lab coats and everything, we did four different experiments,  Here are a few photos.

Meeting Chantell and learning about our outdoor game.

A little run playing our game.

Collecting tree artifacts to bring into the lab.

Heading into the lab to be scientists.

Check out these photos of our discoveries while in the lab. We are very thankful for our parent volunteers who not only brought us there, but worked closely with us too.


Monday, 23 January 2017

Salmon Check In

Once a day we have been checking in our salmon eggs.  We check the temperature of the water and look for unhealthy (or dead) eggs.  When we first received our eggs two were already dead and since then we've found three more dead eggs.  That was sad to learn about.

The exciting news though is that if our calculations are correct our little salmon eggs should turn into alvien later this week and the slowly swim their way into our redd (the big rocks at the bottom of our tank).  We'll keep you posted.

Here's what we look like during our daily visits.  We are thankful most of them are still healthy.  Did you know that in the real world only 1 and 10 eggs hatch.  We are doing our very best to keep the environment for them healthy in our tank.

Writing Around the Room

One thing that may be different in our classroom than your classroom is that we can write where ever we want in our room.  We don't have desks our assigned seating so we get to chose where we do our best work.  Of course sometimes our teacher steps in and helps us make those decisions but most of the time we make them on our own.  Here are some of the different places where we write.